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Meet At The Canal

Check out this video to see how we can help you plan a world-class gathering!

When you need a peaceful place to plan for the future or train for today, look no further than the Wabash & Erie Canal Conference Center. We are your ideal meeting space away from the office but still connected to the tools you need.

Spacious Accommodations

The reception hall can be configured to seat up to 300 guests. We can also subdivide the space to create breakout rooms and discussion areas.

Tools of the Trade

Rental of our facilities includes free use of our audio-visual equipment. We have wireless and wired microphones, music playback options (smartphone, Bluetooth, CD, USB), large screen televisions, built-in projector, variable lighting, and more.

Flexible Planning

We will work with your preferred vendors to make the meeting a success. We have a list of catering ideas, but you are welcome to use the provider of your choice! The catering kitchen (included with Large Hall and Full Hall rentals) offers plenty of space and appliances to prep your food service.

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We have everything you need to be productive while enjoying this scenic, historic venue.

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