COVID-19 Announcement - The Wabash and Erie Canal

A Special Announcement

From the Canal Association Board Members

Reopening of the Wabash & Erie Canal Facilities Post Covid-19

The Wabash & Erie Canal board is happy to announce the reopening of the
canal facilities effective Memorial Day Weekend (May 29th - May 30th, 2021)

Facilities to be reopened as of May 29, 2021 include:

- Weekend public canal boat rides
- Crafters & docents in some of the 1850’s Village buildings on weekends
- The Museum
- Restrooms
- Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday Group Tours
- Campground for non-self supported RVs and campers, including primitive
units. (RVs with self-supported restroom facilities are currently allowed to rent a
- Rustic Canal Sleeping Cabins

Weddings, Business Meetings, & Other Uses of Our Convention Center:
- Subject to Covid-19 limitations instituted by the State of Indiana and/or
Carroll County, Indiana our Conference Center is currently available to be

Other Facilities:
- The hiking trails and 1850’s Village grounds are currently open.

Mask Requirement - To help protect our guests, volunteers and staff, we
respectively request that masks be properly worn while inside any of our
facilities and on the canal boat. We also ask that social distancing
continue to be observed.

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