COVID-19 Announcement - The Wabash and Erie Canal

A Special Announcement

From the Canal Association Board Members

COVID-19 and the Coming Seasons at Delphi's Canal Park

“Much as we have all loved the events and gatherings for years at Canal Park in Delphi some changes are being announced by the Canal Association’s Board this year” according to Dan McCain, President. “We are experiencing the downside to the worldwide virus pandemic and yet we have offerings that may please our faithful members and the public in general.”

Canal Park and favorite haunts and overlooks along Delphi Historic Trails are still accessible to those that desire outdoors exercise and relaxation. Park and Trail access, with benches along the way, allows public use. Trail entrances with parking is available several places around Delphi. Caution should be observed by those older and with health risk factors.

Pioneer Village buildings will not be open although a stroll through the village will yield a feeling of walking through the 1850s with its log buildings and craft shops including interpretive signage placed outside. The popular annual CANAL DAYS FESTIVAL is postponed until July, 2021 when we all celebrate the re-opening. The Delphi, our canal boat, won’t run this year.

A stroll up and down the trails through CANAL PARK and beyond brings the nostalgic feelings of being there when the historic manmade waterway operated. On that towpath where horses and mules once pulling long ropes that towed canal boats to and from communities along the 468 miles separating Toledo, Ohio and Evansville, Indiana.

On the positive side visitors traveling in self-contained motorhomes with their own showers and restrooms inside can stay in our RV Park by making reservations (765-564-2870) and pre-paying for their stay. Otherwise no restrooms or showers are accessible in Canal Park, nor is the MUSUEM and historic 1844 Reed Case House open until later notice.

The Center’s indoor contracted meetings, weddings, etc. have been cautioned that special cleanings will be needed and all new events are being scheduled at least a week apart to protect our valued members, employees, volunteers and the public. For now, enjoy our enchanting campus and facilities outdoors.

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