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Canal Era Gardens

More than a beautiful sight to behold, our Canal Era Gardens are designed to depict a real garden that would have been an essential part of every household, including food, spices, and even medicinal herbs. There are plenty of small gardens dotting our park to enhance the scenery, as well as the educational value of our historical premises.

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Bicentennial Garden - 450 x 338px dpi

Bicentennial Garden

Yellow & blue plants reminiscent of Indiana’s colors, located near the base of our flagpole, surround a massive limestone block resembling the geographical outline of our state.

Boat Dock Garden - 450 x 338 150 dpi

Boat Dock Gardens

This garden welcomes our canal boat passengers.

view common plants that were used for cooking and household chores

Fouts Kitchen Garden

Located adjacent to the house and fenced, it shows plants used every day for cooking and home chores. 

Medicinal Plants Garden 450 x 338 150 dpi

Medicinal Plants Garden

This fenced selection next to the kitchen garden contains herbal plants seen as helpful medicines for a pioneer family of yesteryear. 

Butterfly Garden - 450 x 338px 150 dpi

Butterfly Garden

Here’s our Monarch Way station with milkweed and other plants for our butterflies.

Case House Herb Garden - Copy

Case House Herb Garden

Herbs, an important part of pioneer life, shown here is a favorite garden for many viewers. 

Churchyard Gardens 450 x 338px 150 dpi

Churchyard Gardens

White roses cover the arbor and perennials fill the gardens around our Little White Chapel. 

Entry Garden

Entry Garden

Colorful plants greet our visitors to Canal Park. 

this garden is a memorial to volunteer jim french

French Memorial Garden

This garden is in honor to long-time Canal Park volunteer and friend, Jim French. 

Gateway Garden 450 x 321px 150 dpi

Gateway Garden

We have a colorful perennial garden with bright blooms & colorful foliage. 

Grey Bridge Garden 450 x 338px 150 dpi

Gray Bridge Garden

Here’s a companion perennial garden to the Gateway Garden located near the Gray Bridge.  

Prairie Garden

Prairie Garden

Beautiful wildflowers and warm season grasses grew along the canal. Many can be found here.

Toll Booth 450 x 338px 150 dpi

Toll Booth Garden

Sunflowers, cannas, hyacinth bean vines, and more greet our canal boat visitors. 

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Group Tours

Group Tours

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School Tours

School Tours

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Our beautiful and historic trails are OPEN! Learn more about the trails and get some fresh air.



It’s as important as it is a pleasure to learn about those who have come before us and all the brave and impressive things they did which led up to the modern world we live in today. Learn more from the Learning Center on our site, starting with Canal History.

Things to Do

Things to Do

Come one, come all! Whether you have a school group, an event that needs hosting, or you plan on making a day trip, there’s no shortage of fun activities, period architecture, and educational displays to keep you engaged and inspired during your time here.

Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events

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