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Wabash & Erie Canal, Inc.

The Carroll County Wabash & Erie Canal, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation formed in 1972 to preserve the Canal in Delphi as a significant part of Indiana's history. The founding members sought to preserve the only accessible portion of the Wabash & Erie Canal which still had water in it for educational and entertainment purposes for the local community.

The city of Delphi hosts a three-mile section of the Canal—the longest man-made waterway ever built in the United States (1832-1876). A modern Interpretive Center is midway of its 468-mile trek from Toledo, Ohio to Evansville, Indiana.

Canal Center

The west end of the Canal Center features a world class interactive museum with an exciting “kid friendly” presentation of twelve galleries that depict the canal era from the beginning through construction, then operation, and finally its demise. A year after it was completed in 2004, the facility was awarded "the best new volunteer driven museum in the US" by the American Association of State and Local History.

Thus, sixteen years after opening, successful operation efforts continue to be centered on creating even more excitement with renovations to three galleries. Additional exhibits have been added to enhance the visitor's experiences. People from all over the US and from around the world regularly arrive to see the exhibits and camp at our RV Park. The Center is open afternoons all year.

Our replica canal boatThe Delphi, offers cruises on weekends. An engaging 1850s Pioneer Village features craftsmen and events on summer weekends. Ten miles of trails are accessible by foot and bicycle. Thirty interpretive panels dot the towpath and highlight trailside connections with the canal era.

Mission Statement

The Wabash & Erie Canal Association strives to restore and promote the Wabash & Erie Canal by providing educational experiences that will teach history and inspire others to become involved.

Wabash & Erie Canal, Inc. Was Founded By

Robert Bradshaw
Thomas McCain
Phyllis Moore
David Hanna
Dennis McCouch
George Obear
Roseland McCain

Ralph Melin
Elizabeth Peterson
Joseph Peterson
John Temple
Wayne VanSickle
Ed Waymire
Faye Wood

Charter Members at Incorporation

  • Robert Brookbank 

  • Dale McCurdy

  • Michael Griffey

  • Louis Brubaker

  • Bill Payne

  • Bill Kirkoff

  • Ernest L. Goff

  • Audria Clements

  • Clarence Kite

  • Myron Johnson

  • Hope Coomey

  • John Klepinger

  • Don Moore

  • Alfred Moss

  • Elsie Myers

  • Dean Overholser

  • Larry Welborn

  • John Peterson

  • Arthur Weddell

  • Donald Willy 

  • Jerry Young 

Board of Directors

  • Janet Ayres

  • Karen Bradshaw

  • Mac Carlisle

  • Linda Cooper

  • Rebecca Crabb

  • Hannah Gibson

  • Dale DeYoung

  • Steve Gray

  • Bill Lapcheska

  • Dan McCain

  • John Polles

  • Beverly Seese

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Group Tours

Group Tours

Reserve a time to bring your group, friends, or family down to the canal for learning and fun!
School Tours

School Tours

Make a reservation to bring your class to the canal for a fun and enriching experience.



Our beautiful and historic trails are OPEN! Learn more about the trails and get some fresh air.



It’s as important as it is a pleasure to learn about those who have come before us and all the brave and impressive things they did which led up to the modern world we live in today. Learn more from the Learning Center on our site, starting with Canal History.

Things to Do

Things to Do

Come one, come all! Whether you have a school group, an event that needs hosting, or you plan on making a day trip, there’s no shortage of fun activities, period architecture, and educational displays to keep you engaged and inspired during your time here.

Weddings & Events

Weddings & Events

Your wedding day is one of the most memorable and magical days of your life. Bring your family and your friends, and we’ll supply the atmosphere to make your big day one to remember with memories and photos full of old-world charm. Contact us to reserve the Chapel and Canal Boat.

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